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Allersearch IceBlock Allersearch® ICEBLOCK™ Sunburn Relief Gel

After a glorious day outdoors, soothe with ICEBLOCK™ Sunburn Relief Gel to nourish and replenish dry, sunburned skin.

Specially formulated to soothe, heal and protect!

  • Helps reduce and soothe sunburn and windburn discomfort
  • Instantly draws heat away from skin to cool and alleviate distress
  • Accelerates skin regeneration immediately after use, while replenishing skin’s own natural balance
  • Non sticky, hydrating formula delays peeling skin
  • Pure and Natural – Free of, Formaldehydes, Lanolins, Fragrances, Dyes, Parabens
  • Allergist Recommended Nationwide
  • NET WT. 1.0 Oz. (29g)

1 ounce and 3 ounce tubes

Safe for all ages and skin types.

For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Allersearch® ICEBLOCK™ comes in a 1 ounce and 3 ounce tubes.