Allersearch® Pet+™ Anti-Allergen Dog Shampoo

Allergy Shampoo

By Christiane Schwartz

Pet+ Dog shampooWe buy this shampoo all the time because I have allergies to dogs but we love our dogs very much and without the shampoo we would have to get rid of them. It helped tremendously to keep my eyes from watering and I have no asthma. I will recommend this shampoo for people with allergies. We shampoo our dogs every two weeks and also wash their beds regularly. What a blessing


Made in USA & It’s Amazing!

By ker

Pet+ Dog shampooMy dogs were suffering from terrible dandruff that was kicking up my toddlers allergies – until I found this shampoo! I washed twice with store dandruff shampoo and then let this sit in their fur for about 10 minutes and they are so silky smooth it’s like they went to the groomers. I also LOVE the tea tree oil scent, it eliminated any funky smells my dogos had lingering. 10/10 hands down this shampoo is the way to go. Just make sure you lather it with a hair scrub brush
The best part – it’s actually made in the USA!!!!!!!


Helps My Allergies!

By Julie

Pet+ Dog shampooTurns out I’m definitely allergic to our puppy. I just can’t get rid of him! I love him too much. So I’ve been trying lots of different tips to help. This shampoo is amazing! As long as my daughter gives the dog a bath with this stuff a couple times a month, my allergies are minimal. I can always tell when he needs a bath because I start sneezing and get stuffy. He gets a bath and it’s immediately better!


Allersearch® AllergenWash™ Super Surfactant Laundry Detergent

Great product!

By Amazon Customer “BAB”

Allergen Wash duoWhen my boyfriend and I decided to move in together I knew I was going to need to take a lot of extra steps when it comes to combating allergens. I don’t have any allergies – but he has major ones (esp. to my two cats) which exacerbate his asthma. I wish I had tested this product all on it’s own so I could really say just how well it works – but I took a comprehensive approach (combining it with allerpet-c, special filtrete home filters and air purifier filters, and amazing allergen proof bedding by smartsilk). It cleans nicely and leaves no scent behind – and the funny thing is my boyfriend is sleeping better and having to use his inhaler LESS in our combined home than he did in his cat-free home! So I give this stuff 5 *! None of our blankets, or even the pet beds themselves seem to bother him when he handles them. I’ve even made special slipcovers for my cat towers so they can be removed and washed in this stuff – I really think it makes that much difference.


Works great!

By Sammy “Workaholic”

Allergen Wash duoI am 41 years old and have had allergies my entire life, but they have gotten worse over the past 5 years. I already take Singulair and Claritin, and have just developed allergy-based asthma. So, I decided to try anything to improve my condition. I read about this on Amazon (got good reviews) and decided to give it a try. This product works great! I have pet allergies and have three cats and one dog – one of the cats and the dog sleep in my bedroom (I know that this is not recommended – it’s a long story). I washed all of my bedding, all of the pet beds, couch pillows, everything that I could wash. I could tell the difference immediately that first night sleeping – it was instant. I have since bought 5 more of this product and will be buying it in bulk from this point forward. Great product.


Take that you dust mites!!


Allergen Wash duoI have been using the allergen wash for over 3 years. Let me just tell you that it has saved my lungs from suffering from asthma and not being able to breath due to dust mite allergies. I have never had a problem with it irritating my skin, considering I have the most sensitive skin known to man. I use it at minimum once a month. Be warned: it smells kind of like flee powder, but thankfully after you wash your laundry, the smell goes away after it is dry. Buy it! Save your body from torment from allergies, you will be very happy!!


Recommended Product We Have Bought It Before and Will Continue to Use This Great Detergent

By Fisherman

Allergen Wash duoThis product is the best anti allergen laundry detergent we have used yet. This Gallon bottle lasted us almost 1 year. You use so little per wash load that it lasts almost forever. It does not require any other additive unless you want to add a bleach or a whitener to the wash. We have used it on all our towels, bedding and most dark clothing and it leaves no fragrance or odor on the laundered items when the wash is finished. It also gets credit for my wife sleeping comfortable and without getting a stuffed nose during sleep. Our bedding has a very clean smell.


Allersearch® ADMS™ Anti-Allergen Spray

Love it!

By Cheryl

ADMS duoI have really bad allergies. This product has been wonderful. I use it in conjunction with the shampoo on my two dogs, and I have had over a 95% reduction in symptoms. I love this stuff!



Works for Dust Mite Allergies

By Emma Battle

ADMS duoI am just astonished by the results. My son suffers from dust mite allergies and every time he comes home he is miserable because of our carpet. We have air purifiers around the house, but they don’t help. I am getting the carpet replaced with hardwoods, but in the meantime I decided to try this spray. That was two days ago.

This morning my son woke up and announced that for the first time in years he is free of sneezing, sniffling, stuffiness and coughing. We are both delighted and astonished. I don’t know how long this will last, but it is working. I just ordered another bottle.

It works!


If You Have a Dust Allergy, You NEED This

By slekker

ADMS duoI’m STUNNED by how awesome this stuff is! It made a difference in my dust allergy overnight, and I’m actually excited to leave this review.

Background – I have a hideous dust allergy that causes post nasal drip and runny nose, and the resultant coughing has actually gotten so bad I have issues with my ribs now. I also have a very sheddy dog. I clean daily, but when it comes to the “deep clean” that I know I need, I always get so sensitized by the exposure that I need my inhaler and a rest before I accomplish anything.

SO now my dog also has a dust allergy and I was feeling desperate. I got this, and while I was waiting on my linens to finish washing, I sprayed the mattress cover and whole bed. Left the room. Cane back an hour later with my laundry, and 30 minutes into more cleaning I notice I’m not coughing, itching, sniffling, wheezing – nothing. Bizarre. Took my allergy meds, and got through the night with one cough.

Realizing a change was afoot, the next day, I cleared puppy out of the area and sprayed down the walks and blinds. NOT ONE COUGH in 4 days!!! Now I can actually wash down my walls and blinds like I’ve been needing to without fear of an attack! FINALLY I can do something that makes a difference!

It really does kill the allergens upon contact. I am living proof this stuff works. I feel like the biggest weight is lifted. To be in my room with my dog and not have either of us be a snotty mess is a life-changer.


Noticeably Better


ADMS duoAs a natural skeptic (and almost never reviewer of the many products purchased from Amazon) and allergy sufferer I was hesitant to give this a try. I am so glad I did. I have a 14 year old golden lab mix that predates the discovery of my allergies, whose bodily allergens antagonize my immune system. Despite allergy shots and a hefty medication regimen, I still experienced significant nasal congestion whenever I would lay on the carpet wherever Ginger may have done the same. After putting down a respectful spray and letting it dry (without vacuuming) I buried my nose right in one of the dog’s favorite sleeping spots and inhaled several breaths through my nose. Typically, nasal congestion would rear its ugly head within a minute or two (after a single breath) and persist until nasal lavage/irrigation. Much to my surprise, my nasal congestion failed to appear. I sprayed the rest of the fabric areas of the house, focusing on Ginger’s prime resting zones thinking “let’s see just how long this lasts”.

That answer turned out to be about 3 weeks. During that time my nightly use of my “rescue” nasal oxymetazoline (Afrin) went to zero (typically 2-4 nights per week). No, I am not tolerant to the effects of Afrin/oxymetazoline (tachyphylaxis) as 1) The 72hr consecutive use warning on the bottle is not well supported among healthy volunteers in the literature and 2) I use a nasal steroid (fluticasone, mometasone, etc) and that seems to prevent oxymetazoline tachyphylaxis. You can search PubMed and stumble upon some scientific articles from which my claims are derived.

Anyways, there are a whole host of additional factors that could have played a role (dog bathing, weather, laundry, other allergen exposure, medication compliance, humidity, etc) but I am not conducting a study for publication so I don’t care. The stuff works for me. I bought the 128oz container and plan on making repeated applications on a monthly basis while tracking my oxymetazoline use. I’m happy I can roll around and play with my kids on the carpet and still be able to breathe afterwards.