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Allersearch All-Up Allersearch® All-Up™ Pre-Spray Carpet Cleaner – Ready-to-Use & Concentrate

An effective ready-to-use formula designed for pre-spraying heavily soiled traffic areas before normal cleaning. Pre-spray makes easy work of cleaning those areas heavily encrusted with grease, oil and heavy soil. It’s also an excellent general spotter that will break down most food and light oil stains.

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Treatment Application
Spray directly on to soiled area. Leave spray on to carpets for 5 minutes before extracting to allow chemicals to dissolve ground in soils and oils. Allow to dry for 2+ hours before replacing furnishings .

Use Allersearch® All-Up™ on:
Carpeting • Rugs • Upholstery
Allersearch® All-Up™ comes in a Ready-to-Use 32 oz. bottle and 1 gallon concentrate bottle.