Advancing Allergy Free Living

About Us

Allersearch was started in 1981 as a supplier of chemical additives and flavorings to the American wine industry. As time went on, we looked for additional opportunities in our area of expertise, chemicals used to enhance our quality of life. Today we are a leading manufacturer of allergy and skin care products with our production location situated in the New Jersey Bio-Technology Corridor.

Our capabilities include manufacturing lines for anti-aging skin care, allergy care and allergy diagnostic medical devices, both as our own products and as a contractor producing products for other companies and industries.

Allersearch services the following markets:

  • Allergy Diagnostic Products
  • Allergy Care Products
  • Anti-Agin Skin Solutions
  • Laundering and Cleaning/Additives
  • Personal Care Products
  • Pet Grooming Products
  • Industrial Cleaning Solutions
  • Specialty Chemicals

In our new plant location with high speed production lines, we are vertically integrated and completely focused on providing high-quality, cost-efficient solutions to allergy and skin care that will meet unique needs and growing market requirements.

Our Mission

We strive continually to exceed our customers’ expectations in all areas, building enhancing relationships by increasing our value to our customers every year upon year. In support of such, we must provide world-class development of new products and systems to meet our customer’s needs.

In partnership with our employees, vendors, customers, and the community in which we work, we are committed to treat everyone with whom we interact with the respect that we in turn expect to receive.
We will always serve with the highest degree of integrity and dedicate our lives to the enhancement of our relationships with all of our stakeholders. Our goal is to become the leading supplier to the markets we serve.

Our Vision

  • We will strive to create a premier company focused on exceeding our customer’s expectations.
  • We will provide products and services of the highest quality, delivering world-class levels of service and speed.
  • We will add value to our customers through innovation, technology, capital commitment and communication.
  • We will have in place technical expertise and information systems that will facilitate our responsiveness to our customers.
  • We will provide an environment that challenges the members of our team and provides them the opportunity to grow.
  • We will continue to grow and we will never create a bureaucracy that hinders our responsiveness.
  • We will continually expand and improve our product offerings, to meet  our customers needs and future requirements as they are encountered.

Our Values

Our daily decision-making and communications will support our core values by following these 10 RULES:

  1. Safety  We will operate in a safe, clean and healthy environment
  2. Commitments We will meet the commitments we make to our external and internal customers, peers and subordinates. (This is our measure of integrity)
  3. Communication  We will communicate openly and honestly with all in a nonjudgmental and timely manner. (No surprises – bad news, as well as good news)
  4. Quality  We will never knowingly allow product to be shipped to a customer that does not meet our standards and their expectations.
  5. Delivery  We will deliver the product or service promised to our  customer on time and complete.
  6. Attitude  We will maintain a positive attitude creating an uplifting business environment and treat all with dignity and respect.
  7. Opportunity  We can each create opportunities for business and personal growth by generating new ideas and looking for ways to improve profits for all.
  8. Accountability  We have been given responsibility by our customers, our managers, and other stakeholders; we are accountable to them ail.
  9. Goals  We will focus on achieving our individual and corporate goals, always prioritizing to ensure the success of our customers and our company, thereby guaranteeing individual success.
  10. Pride  We will take personal pride in our work, our workplace and ourselves as well as in the success of our customers and Allersearch.

By achieving the above we will always meet or exceed the expectations of our customers, our company and ourselves.

Our Quality Philosophy

Quality is at the core of everything we do. Achieving quality results requires an active involvement from every person in our organization. Our philosophy includes:

  • A disciplined organizational structure focused on providing consistent guidance and clear direction.
  • A working environment concentrated on controlled data and process management.
  • A culture committed to continuous improvement
  • A dedication to customer satisfaction in all that we do.

We begin with a clear understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations. Then we apply our philosophy, technology and business practices to ensure we deliver a quality product with every single customer order.

We leverage state-of-the-art technologies and resources throughout all phases of our process.
From the design of a new product concept, to the manufacturing and quality assurance testing done on the manufacturing and production lines, to the packaging and shipping of an order, we focus on supplying a complete solution to our customers.

Our Quality System

  • Allersearch has in place a very comprehensive Quality Management System that is based on ISO 9001:2008 elements with Policies, Procedures, Work Instructions and Forms forming the documentation system.
  • Allersearch assures product quality starting with materials validations and qualifications, thru in process sampling and testing and product certification documentation.
  • Allersearch uses industry standard testing capabilities in dimensional testing using weight scales, calipers, optical comparators, wall thickness measurement devices and various proprietary gauges. Various types of Performance Testing is conducted for top load, drop test, color and opacity characteristics.

Allersearch employs a state of the art Statistical Process Control software system for efficient product data collection on the shop floor. This enables real time monitoring of product quality and process capability for faster response to quality issues and trends.

  • Allersearch employs Leak Detectors, Metal Detectors, Color and Opacity Detectors and intelligent application of various error proofing devices to ensure our product’s conformance to specifications.
  • Allersearch also complies with industry standard FDA, GMPs, HACCP and Food and Cosmetics Safety standards and programs.
  • Allersearch also maintains Drug and Device Master File numbers required by medical product categories.
  • Allersearch can provide lot certification, certificate of analysis, letter of guarantee or other ROHS / CONEG compliance documents as may be required.


Allersearch Corporation strives toward continuous innovation and improvement in the production of consumer friendly products and medical devices, while applying sustainability principles in our manufacturing, distribution and use of raw materials.

For such a complex subject, we think sustainability is rather simple:

“It’s about being responsible and protecting our environment for our future generations”

Sustainability is a topic we apply to all facets of our business