Cat and Dog Dander Treatment in the Home

Avoiding exposure to cat allergen and dander that is present in your living area is difficult. There is something that can help from Allersearch® Labs.

Cat dander accumulates on floors and walls where a cat has been, especially in areas that have light foot traffic such as along the edges of walls on carpeted floors as well as the walls themselves. Cat dander is very light and often travels on the clothes and belongings of cat owners to deposit itself wherever they go.

To completely remove cat dander, first clean the indoor environment, and then wash bedding and personal clothing. Wash cat dander exposed clothing and bedding with Allersearch® Allergen Wash™ to remove allergens and cat dander.

On hard surfaces or upholstery, either Allersearch® ADS™ or Allersearch® ADMS™ will remove cat dander. For darker colored carpeting and upholstery, use ADS. For hard surfaces and for carpeting and upholstery that is lighter than off-white, use ADMS.

For walls, use ADMS™ by soaking a cloth and starting at the top of the wall wipe evenly downwards along the entire wall. Avoid making or disturbing any air motion or using any ventilating equipment such as a fan. Cat dander floats in the air easily, and could be disturbed during treatment and redeposit back elsewhere. For best results, treat one room at a time and be thorough and precise.

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