Should I Use ADS or ADMS?

For over two decades, products from Allersearch® Laboratories have been used to deal with asthma and allergies. Cleaning the indoor environment of allergens can be done with either ADS™ or ADMS™ to neutralize dust mite and other indoor allergens. Choosing which product is right to use is important. That choice is made based on the color of the surfaces you are going to treat.

Allersearch® ADS contains tannic acid which is a very potent allergen neutralizer and has a long lasting effect on treated areas. ADS™ is the choice product when the carpeting or upholstery to be treated is of a dark color; on a light or bright color or a color lighter than off-white, it may create a yellowing hue or stain if over applied.

Allersearch® ADMS™  has different technology accomplishing the same purpose. ADMS™ can be applied to any water fast surface, including carpets, hard floors, walls and counters; and for those situations where yellowing or staining could be a problem – such as a light color fabric or a light color carpet, ADMS™is the choice product.

Both products work the same way. ADMS™ costs less than ADS™, but needs to be applied about every 30 days to maintain effectiveness. ADS™ has a longer lasting effect and needs to be applied less often – about every 90 days.

Both ADS™ and ADMS™ are available in convenient 32 Oz pump spray bottles and also in one gallon refill bottles.