Allersearch® ADS™ Anti-Allergen Dust Spray

This medically proven spray neutralizes allergens on contact for up to three months. The active ingredient is tannic acid which has been medically proven to denature dust mite waste matter, cat and other pet allergen proteins rendering them permanently non-allergenic. ADS™ will also neutralize allergens from plant and grass pollen. For optimum treatment benefits use ADS™ in conjunction with Allersearch® X-Mite®.

  • Lasting Effectiveness: 60 – 90 days
  • 32 Oz spray bottle treats 600 square feet
  • 128 Oz refill treats 2400 square feet
  • Use on carpets, area rugs and soft furnishings
  • Pillows and mattresses should be enclosed in a mite-proof casing for maximum effectiveness
  • Remove cap and insert sprayer into bottle
  • Holding bottle 2-3 feet from surface, spray a fine mist onto carpets and upholstery in a sufficient quantity to dampen and penetrate the external surface fibers. Treat all areas under decorative buttons and pleats, as well as under furniture and decorations.
  • Spray product on dry surfaces only. Allow treated surfaces to dry thoroughly for at least 3 hours and then vacuum the treated surfaces.
  • Remove sprayer and recap bottle before storing. Store in a cool, dark place. Discard a partial bottle after 6 months.
  • For year round protection against allergies, repeat treatment every 60 days.
  • Before application, test on a small hidden area for each item to be treated and allow to dry thoroughly. This is important when prior cleaners and deodorizers have been applied. They may have left a chemical residue that will cause discoloration or staining. If staining occurs do not use.
  • Do not spray on white or off-white colored carpets or fabrics
  • Do not spray on fabrics sensitive to water such as silk, Haitian cottons and certain wools, including some oriental rugs
  • Do not spray on woodwork or walls
  • Do not spray on surfaces that are moist or damp
  • Do not add product to laundry
  • Do not spray directly on animals or pets, and keep out of reach of children
  • Treated surfaces should not be wet cleaned or steam cleaned afterwards. We recommend vacuuming or other dry cleaning methods only

Allersearch® ADS™ Anti-Allergen Dust Spray 32 Oz

Allersearch® ADS™ Anti-Allergen Dust Spray 128 Oz refill